‘Now All My Pain Is Gone!’

God healed Betty’s body, restored her relationship with her daughter, and brought her into greater intimacy with Him!


Dear David and Barbara,

I knew nothing about the principles of Seedtime and Harvest until I watched one of your broadcasts and God led me to Sow a financial Seed into your ministry. I have been Sowing each month since then, and I’m being blessed in ways I never would have imagined!

Shortly after I began Sowing my Seeds, I was miraculously healed of fibromyalgia, which I had suffered from terribly since 1985. My fibromyalgia had been extremely painful and debilitating, but now all my pain is gone!

Recently my daughter and I have developed a very close relationship, something I had prayed about for years. And I now have a new sense of the Holy Spirit guiding me and giving me peace like I’ve never experienced before. It’s so wonderful to feel free and happy in the Lord!

Thanks for being there for me and teaching me about God’s Uncommon Harvests!

– Betty, Georgia

Sow Your Seed

‘The Doctors Said Our Baby Would Die…But God Intervened!’

Todd and Dimi Are Faithful Inspiration Partners Who Received an Incredible Miracle From God!


Dear David and Barbara:

While serving as a civilian contractor with the American troops in the war zone in Iraq, I discovered your ministry by satellite and became a $58 Seed Sower and Inspiration Partner.

My wife Dimi was six and a half months pregnant and was rushed to the hospital when she experienced severe pain. The doctors diagnosed her with preeclampsia and decided to deliver the baby immediately. They predicted that our baby either would die or would experience severe physical problems if somehow she survived. Not willing to accept their dire prediction, we began praying fervently.

Our baby, Taylor, was born so tiny you could hold her in the palm of your hand. In the following weeks, the doctors performed many tests, expecting to tell us the worst. But God breathed wonderful life into our little Taylor, and the doctors never found any defects at all!

Following this difficult ordeal, the hospital sent us a gigantic bill for over $300,000, but again the Lord was our deliverer. One by one, all the bills were either cancelled or paid unexpectedly by someone else. We have come through this enormous struggle debt-free! Taylor is now one year old and a beautiful, healthy child.

The Lord we serve is a God of love, power, and miracles!

—Todd and Dimi, Louisiana

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‘You Will Not Commit Suicide!’

On the brink of ending her life, Sherry heard a powerful word from God!


Dear David and Barbara,

After years of marriage to an unsaved alcoholic, at age 34 I finally left my husband. Brokenhearted and attempting to escape my pain, I became an alcoholic myself. For 16 years, I struggled with addictions and toxic relationships with men. I also had destroyed my relationships with my mother and children, and I was physically malnourished and spiritually empty.

One day I called in sick to work, took my last diet pill, and grabbed a knife to slash my wrists and end my life. But at this moment of overwhelming emotional pain, I cried out in desperation:

‘God, please help me if You can!’

Suddenly, I heard a voice coming from one of your television broadcasts—though I hadn’t even been aware the TV was on. Amazingly, the speaker said, “You will not kill yourself today!”

I sat straight up in bed, and the buzzing high from the amphetamine pill quickly evaporated, making it possible for me to focus my attention on the minister preaching on the screen. Seeming to point directly at me, he said again, ‘You will not commit suicide today, because you are a precious child of the Most High God!’

Recognizing this word was for me, I responded back and said, ‘Okay. I choose to live!’

Then I prayed the most direct prayer to our Heavenly Father that I’d prayed in a long while. I asked the Lord, ‘If You want me to live, how can I face all the struggles and addictions in my life?’ God gently replied, ‘I will be with you.’

The Lord has indeed walked with me in the two years since then. As a result, I’m now free from addictions, and God has restored my health and my relationships with my mother and children! I watch INSP every day, and I’m so grateful for the impact you and your Inspiration Partners have had on my life. Now the Lord is dealing with me to Sow back into the Good Ground of your ministry. As God has blessed me, I want to be a blessing to others, so enclosed is my monthly $58 Seed, based on Isaiah 58!

— Sherry, California

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‘I Was Behind Two Months on My Mortgage’

The Lord gave amazing breakthroughs to Benitee—an unemployed single mom who Sowed sacrificial financial Seeds into the Good Ground of Inspiration Ministries


Dear David and Barbara,

Several months ago, I suddenly became a single parent, was laid off from my job of nearly seven years, and suffered a serious illness. As a result of these troublesome circumstances, I was behind two months on my mortgage and utilities, and I was using a credit card to pay for living expenses.

Nevertheless, I continued to trust God to faithfully provide me with the breakthroughs I needed. Even during this time of financial difficulty, I continued Sowing my financial Seeds into God’s Kingdom through Inspiration Ministries.

This was a period when gas prices were soaring, and the childcare costs for my two small daughters had increased significantly. But God was faithful to bless us and meet our needs. We always had food on our table and clothes to wear, our utilities were never turned off, and after I regained my health, the Lord blessed me with a new job!

Now I’ve received an unexpected windfall of over $7,000 that will allow me to bring my mortgage up to date, pay my property taxes, and get my credit card balance to zero. I thank God for these miraculous breakthroughs!

– Benitee, Virginia

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