Son Returned

“A partner sowed a seed believing for her son – who had been gone for 15 years – to come home. And HE DID!”

– Shona G., AK

God at Work

“After watching your TV ministry, God started working in my life. After a year, I can look back and see the blessings that He gave me. After reading your books, I thank God for your explaining the message to me. I’ve been blessed because of it as your ministry does have an anointing.”

– Kelly K., GA

Harvest of Grandbabies!

“I started sowing a monthly seed beginning February of 2020 for grandchildren. We have three children; one had adopted our first grandchild four years ago. However, neither son nor daughter had given birth to a child with their spouses. God blessed my husband and me. My middle son and his wife had a baby in mid-November, and my youngest son and his wife had a baby mid-month December. We give all praise to God! I plan to start sowing a new seed in February 2021 for the birth of a child for my daughter and her husband in 2021-22.”

– Markeete L., MD


“I have had so many miracles since I made my first pledge. I am now going to pledge $10 a month for the rest of my life. The bank who had been giving me a hard time had to refund over $400 to our accounts. My mother recovered from a heart attack, coma, kidney failure, and stroke. And I’ve received countless other blessings from having help for transportation to getting some TV show collections I wanted.”

– Preston R., LA

Immediate Harvest

“I have sown seed in your ministry as I was learning about seed. My daughter was having difficulties in her business, and I showed her about sowing seed. Within hours after sowing, her husband closed a deal. May God be glorified. Many thanks for your teachings.”

– Ahaliah S., Mauritius

Multiple Blessings

“I gave some seed to your ministry. I requested prayer for a job, and I went on an interview this morning and got offered the job two hours later! Then, I passed my apartment inspection, and then I got my state tax refunds back quickly! Thank you for your prayers! Also, I got an A on my latest exam in my online course! It’s been a great week so far!”

– Karen B., MI

Family Harvest

“With my first seed, I prayed for my younger sister and brother to quit doing drugs. Not only did they both stop doing drugs, but both have jobs now and are doing well. My sister made supervisor at her job, and my little brother is a cook at a truck stop. Before planting my seed, almost everything they talked about was negative, and the whole world was against them. Now their attitude is great. I asked several people if they noticed the same thing, and they all agreed. Now everybody knows about the seed I planted for them. God is GREAT!”

– Greg D., TX

God is Blessing

“Dear Friends, I am so happy to report that since I have started to sow again, God is pouring out blessing in my financial affairs like I can’t believe. I was reluctant to sow since my financial position has changed due to death of my husband. I boldly trust our Father and make a commitment to sow the best way I can, and now God has blessed me. I give God all the honor, glory, and praise. I thank you at the ministry for your love and support. Now I can’t wait to sow my seed of faith. I LOVE THE FEELING I get. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!” 

– Carmen E., CA

Faith Restored

“High praises to Almighty GOD! A couple months back, I decided to sow my seed with a monthly commitment. Even though my faith was wavering, and I was struggling and juggling on a very tight, shoestrings budget, I thought, what do I have to lose? NOTHING!! GOD opened the floodgates and poured a blessing so grand, I barely could hold myself together. Within months of sowing my seed … at the ripe age of 50-something, I will finally be able to buy my own house and dream truck! My son and grandson have a college fund! Our God is an AWESOME GOD! I want to thank you, Heavenly Father, for shining your light on me and mine! My faith is restored. My platform for goodwill can begin. I am a living, breathing testimony. Thank You, Jesus, and praise GOD.”

– Kahlena U., CA

He Is Faithful!

“I started a monthly gift as God provided it. He has been so faithful and blessed me each month in abundance. It has been amazing to be a part of it. Thank You, Jesus!!”

– Bob B., PA

Financial Peace

“Since the wee hours of the night when I awoke to the request to sow for 12 months, I’ve had some financial stability. I’m excited that I’m now all caught up in my bills.”

– Marcella A., TX

Faith Increased

“Due to Inspiration Ministries, my faith is full – gone up to infinity high level. This is a good program for the common people to know about the Jesus Christ.”

– Sarath B., India

Financial Blessing

“We gave five days ago, and God blessed our lives with a financial blessing. God is good and His mercy endureth forever.”

– Melissa S., OH

Bills Caught Up

“Each month I plant my seeds, God has multiplied to me and my ministry. I have been able to catch up on my bills. I know being debt free is coming very soon. God bless Inspiration Ministries.”

– Barbara P., FL

Sister Blessed

“In Jesus’ name, I wrote a prayer letter on May 29 for my sister’s needs. By June 1, God had moved in a mighty way … all because in Jesus’ name, I stepped out on faith. I sowed that seed. Thank you, Jesus.”

– Lisa M., LA

Grandson’s Anxiety Helped

“I want to tell you I used to give seed for my grandson with severe anxiety. I stopped doing this (I got lazy), but I am doing this again because I see the difference in my grandson. When I sow the seed, it is very positive. God is good, and I want to support the work of the Lord. Pray for Isaiah.”

– Bonnie G., WV

Financial Blessings

“God has truly opened doors for me. My unemployment wages are coming through very soon, estimated at $20,000.00. He has paid my electric bill of $776.00. He has already paid my rent up to October 2021 – $1,674 monthly rent. God has paid $5,022.00 already. What an awesome God we serve! I am paying on my pledged commitment faithfully. Thank you for ministering God’s Word.”

– Carolyn J., VA

Rent Paid for Four+ Months

“I was behind on rent; they were going to evict me. I sowed a seed, did what you told me to do – named what I needed – and my rent is paid up until January of 2022 and so is with my light bill! Glory!”

– Cheryl C., TX

Unexpected Raise

“After nine years working at the same company, the week after giving, I received a 12% RAISE! Until now, raises have not been more than 3%! Praise God!”

– Jeanice O., IL

Back Rent PAID

“Our partner’s rent was behind $15,000, and she applied for a relief fund and was approved the day after she sowed her seed with Inspiration Ministries. They paid it all off.  She thanks the Lord for this miracle and believes her gift brought her the blessing.”

– Gihla O., NY

Debt Cancelled

“I have been sending an amount every week to build seed faith. Last week someone called and asked how I was doing with my debts – a $925.00 loan was paid off. WOW!”

– Louis H., MO